The museum of Hofburg is divided into 3 parts.

They are: Imperial Silver Collection, Sisi Museum and Imperial Apartments.

Imperial Silver Collection. What should one do if the guests are arriving and there are no dishes left in the house (state)? Which one is more beautiful-hard or soft paste porcelain? Which way did one crumb a table? All this and much more you will learn by visiting with me the Silver Collection.
Museum of the Empress Elisabeth.
This museum helps to trace the life of one of the most beautiful women in Europe, from her childhood in Bavaria until her tragic death in Geneva.
Imperial Apartments.
Furniture and life style of the 19th cent, habits and ceremonial -all this is awaiting you in the Apartments of Hofburg. As well as a couple of funny stories which you will hear during this excursion.


1 hour


To be negotiated. It depends on group size.